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Welcome To Suffer The Living!

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ICC 25 Norm On Farm

Weekly Farm Of ICC 25 Normal
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flakjacket / Mar 08, 2013

As a general rule, members of the guild are expected to treat others (both fellow guild-mates and those not within the guild) with a certain level of respect; As a member of Suffer the Living every player is a representative of the guild -poor conduct directly affects the public image of the guild.
- Publicly flaming anyone will result in a formal warning by an Officer (or Guild Master). Second offenses will be met with an immediate demotion and a temporary suspension from guild raids. Third offenses will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild.
-The same goes for flaming in guild chat, raid chat, or party chat -if you have a personal problem with anyone inside the guild (or anyone in general) you are expected to keep the conversation between yourselves (whispers).
Officers will make executive decisions together, not all decisions are final and if members do not understand a decision made by an Officer they are welcome to ask questions about it -but there is a fine line between harassment and honest curiosity, so try to keep all questions civil, and to the point.
- Testosteron filled 16 year olds that can't keep their fantasies to themselves and make (unwanted) sexual comments to our (fe)male members will be muted and receive an official warning. Continues offenders are kicked from the guild.

Guild bank

The first tab of the guild bank is accessible freely for members of all ranks. All other tabs have limitations as to the number of withdrawals allowed and required ranks to access them.

For all (epic) items in the Guild Bank goes: They are sold for 50% of the going AH price. Ask an officer to get them for you after you have deposited the amount of gold to the guild bank.


Probably the most important goal of the guild, raiding. As of now we have the following, weekly raiding schedule:
  • Sundays: ICC 25hc MAINRUN @ 17:30 server time
  • Mondays: ICC 25n @ 17:30 server time
  • Tuesdays: RS 25n @ 17:30 server time
  • Wednesdays: ICC 25hc re-run or alt-run @ 17:30 server time
  • Thursdays: ICC 10hc @ 17:30 server time (Core raiders+ get priority on invites)
  • Fridays: to be decided during the week.
  • Saturdays: ToC25hc @ 17:30
Monday is the main run. Log your main on time for invites. Alt's will only be invited as an exception if it is deemed nessecary for the raid composition.

All members are expected to be present in these raids as much as possible. The invites for the raids are started by an Officer anywhere between 17:30 and 18:00 server time. Make sure you are online on time!
Memorize these days and times. If, due to your personal schedule, you will never be able to be online on these days and/or times contact an Officer immediately. It means you are not able to make any contribution to the guild progress, nor will you ever have the fun and experience of full Guild Runs which makes your membership to the guild useless for both parties.

Besides the aforementioned weekly recurring raids there will be multiple ICC10n (alt) runs. These are not scheduled on forehand and are made if demand for these runs is high enough.

Unannounced AFK’ing in raids is not accepted. The hosting Officers can replace an AFK player to their judgement at any given time during the raid. If you need to go AFK announce that in /raid on forehand and try to plan it during trash clearing. AFK during a boss-fight results in a formal warning, minus-DKP or even demotes.

The exploiting of bug in any form is NOT accepted during guild raids. Do not do it. Using bug-exploids will result in removal from the raid and possibly the guild.

In all raids the following rules apply to the distribution of loot:
  • ICC 25n: The looting will be set on Master Looter and items are rolled on MS first, than OS. The trinkets are an exception to this: these are awarded to members on Loot-Council basis. Primordials are for the Guild Bank. Marks for sanctified items are awarded only to members able to show a T10 piece of armor. One mark per person per raid.
  • ICC 10n: The looting will be set on Group Loot. NEVER EVER will you click ‘Disenchant’ on this system. There are NO exceptions to this. Press ‘Need’ if you want it for MS, press ‘Greed’ for OS and pass the item if you can’t use/need it.
  • ICC 10hc: The looting will be set on Master Looter and the same rules apply as to the ICC 25n runs.
  • ICC 25hc: READ THIS !

LootCouncil explained
Two types of loot are handed out on basis of the LC decision. These are all trinkets from 25man raids and all loot from LichKing. The LC consists of the guilds officers. Certain 'guidelines' for LC are: MAIN>ALT and MS>OS. Other aspects are taken into consideration as well. How active members are, how much of an upgrade it is for a certain character and how they perform on DPS/HPS, tactics and general impression made by players.

Other guild hosted raids (ToC for example) will have a lootsystem set by the hosting officer/player and may vary from run to run. Ask before the raid starts how loot will be handled if you have any questions about it.

The pace of raids
This is an often ignored but very important part of raiding. To achieve full ICC runs the raid needs to maintain a high pace of progress. In other words, NO SLACKNIG. You have played your character long enough to know your raid buff’s. We want to see everybody fully buffed all the time! Don’t have players beg you to cast that gBoK, don’t wait for the other dudu to Gift us all, don’t forget your reagents and speed it up. After a wipe, release quickly, fly back and immediately start buffing! Immediately. Don’t waste time on it.


Suffer the Living currently has the following ranks:
  • Alt
  • Warned/Muted
  • Trial
  • Friend/Casual
  • Member
  • Raider
  • Core Raider
  • Officer (alt’s)
  • Guild Master

This is the rank all your characters get that are not considered your ‘main’. They cannot take items from Guild Bank, you have to log your main and mail them to alts. Trial members can not(!) have alts in the guild until they are promoted to Member.

The most beloved rank among officers. If you spam /guild, if you misbehave in some way, this is the rank you will get. You will be able to read guildchat, but not talk in it. This rank is rarely handed out to players which implies that those of you who manage to get it are in danger of loosing their position in the guild entirely.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a new member of Suffer the Living! This is the rank all new invites get. After the officers have agreed on you as a new member, you still have to show that u got what it takes. A rough timeframe of two weeks is set for you to do this. During these two week as a trial you must be present in at least one ICC 25n run and one ICC 10n (alt)run. In these two runs the officers will keep an eye on you and will evaluate your performance based on:
  • The correct execution of tactics
  • The correct amount of DPS/HPS for your gear
  • Your attitude towards the guild and its members.

After a raid you will be invited into a RC group with the officers online to discuss your performance. The criticism casted on you is not to randomly flame you, it is to improve your performance as a raider so you can became a better player. We are helpful towards all trials and willing to help you get better by inspecting your build, gear and rotation. You will not be the first player who has been doing it wrong all the time without even knowing it… In this evaluation talk we set criteria for you which u must show in the next run. A failure to meet these criteria will have a drastic impact on your chances to stay in the guild. Be very carefull to blame lag for your mistakes btw…….

The rank for those players who have been with the guild a long time but longer find the time or interest to raid with us. This are people that know other member IRL for example. With this rank you will be invited as the very last to raids! Don’t expect a spot in raids as a ‘Casual’ member.

If you have shown to be a worthy addition to the guild and you passed your ‘Trials’, you will be a member of the guild! You can start bringing in your alt’s now. Be online for the raids as much as possible and start making name for yourself. After the raids you participated in the officers will evaluate if you can be promoted to Raider.

You have shown to be helpful and friendly, that you know your class, know your tactics and thus have become a raider. You will be able to grab free raid consumable from the guild bank, your repairs are paid for by the guild and you will be more likely to get a spot in the raids. Being online for (almost) all raids and displaying better-than-expected performance can grant you the promotion to:

Core Raider
The guild can build on you. You are now part of a team that all has the same focus and goals. You are willing to help the guild in every way possible to obtain its goals and you make sure that you are online for raids. A Core Raider is expected to show up at every ICC25hc.

Officers(and their alts)
The management of the guild. This is the group of players that tries their very best to make this guild into a top raiding guild. If you have any questions contact them. They are the ones leading raids, recruiting members, evaluating performances and formulate strategies for the guild to obtain its goals.

Guild Master
Simple. The BOSS of ‘m all… (currently not present)